Become a Member


When you join the San Gabriel Valley Disabilities Collaborative you become part of the change. SGVDC members are dedicated to promoting equality, acceptance and independence for all. We provide memberships for individuals representing service agencies. By granting individuals instead of whole agencies memberships, we obtain personal relationships which enhances the overall success of the collaborative. Our members are from education, non profits, health care, transportation, employment, independent living centers and more. Join the SGVDC today if you would like to make a difference in your community.

Benefits of becoming a member include:

      • Access to our member list which contains contact information for all SGVDC members.
      • Entrance into our raffle to become member of the month
      • A spot on our email list where you will receive monthly updates on the collaborative

 For questions about joining, please contact us at:

Service Center for Independent Life
(909) 621-6722